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We bring to you a special collection of unprocessed Brazilian 10a hairs made for our special clients who want to enjoy the beauty of Brazilian hairs distinctly. This unique method of celebrating the highly valued Brazilian hairstyle is being made available at the disposal of our esteemed clients to help them stand out from the crowd the next time they have to attend an important event or want their presence to be not only felt but also remembered. Brazilian 10a hair, collected from one donor is pure, and having them attached to your hair renders the perfect sight that many women dream of. No need to worry about any unnatural feel as these hairs will genuinely look like a part of your body. Dye the hairs with whatever colors you want or opt for bleached hairs if it suits you. With a permed hairstyle also available with Brazilian 10a hair, now select the hairstyle of your choice, be it curly hairs or highlighted. You may also make your hairstyle conspicuous in a large crowd with a double weft option. No need to worry about any unwanted smell or hairs falling as this brand of hairs offers you protection from both.


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