Adjustable Velcro Elastic Lace Melt Band




Lace Melt band  Melt Bands perfect for helping to melt your lace  into your skin and give you that perfect hairline. Hold your lace tightly in place to help your lace adhesive bond with your skin along your hairline, for the most flawless and long lasting hold possible.


  1. This elastic bands are used to melt your lace and keeping baby hair in place so your wigs can look as natural as possible
  2. Features a velcro strap which makes it easy to adjust the tightness, No need to tie knots
  3. Made of ultra-fine polyester fiber and high elastic latex, so it is super soft and stretchy to use
  4. Allows enough pressure to press the lace into the scalp. It is effective on both glued and glue-less installs/wigs.
  5. Size: width: 3cm, Length: 28 inch.

Tip for a perfect lace melt: To avoid the glue or gel turning white and sticking to the band, please wait for your glue to dry majority of the way and then apply the lace melting band, you will get a perfect install and the lace will melt into the scalp.

Frontal Length:

16, 18, 20, 16, 18, 20


Body wave, Deep wave, Loose wave, Curly, Straight


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